It's Business Time

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It’s Business Time

Our business team is hitting the streets in style this year!

Not just vans anymore. As Somatic grows it’s important to look at how we do everything. How we work with our clients and what services we offer, what is our culture and how do we define and protect it, and of course – how does the world view us? We believe everything counts. Our business team represents us at events, when they visit existing or potential clients, and when they are driving to and from their daily activities.

With this in mind we embarked on defining what vehicles would work best for us. VW, Ford, etc… The Audi A3 Etron Hybrid fit all the requirements – and they are great looking! The design brief for the car was simple – leverage and promote the Somatic brand and design something our team will actually want to drive. Really, don’t make it an overdone billboard that hurts the eyes.

This design is loosely based on a race car. The stripe on the hood is the clearest example of that. Our logo has been incorporated on either side of the car and wraps across the roof. They look sporty, well branded and most of all, we worked with the cars lines and shape.

There is one more thing to note. Until this point our logo was different. It was Somatic on top with ‘HVAC Solutions | Commercial peace of mind’ under it. As we added Plumbing a few years ago we felt it is time to clean it up and simplify to Somatic – HVAC | PLUMBING.