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We would like to thank again everyone who attended the Somatic Brand launch event. It was a pleasure and a privilege to share this important company achievement with you. Please take a moment to watch this brief video of the launch and hear some of the thoughts of Somatic’s founders.

Gilbert Ghezesan, Somatic President:
The branding process started with the idea that the service and culture within the HVAC industry needed a higher standard. Last year we were presented with the great opportunity to once again differentiate ourselves within the HVAC industry and to rebrand and rename our company in a manner that best represents our core values and the momentum of future direction of the company.

I’m really excited about the name itself and the logo because it’s unique and it really drives the point of differentiation home both for me personally and the company. It gives us the great opportunity of having a brand that we can take across the country.

The value of working with Living Blueprint through this process was really the process itself. We enjoyed the fact that they involved the company as a whole all the way from the executive level to the field technicians. When we came to the end of the process we realized that we had complete company alignment moving forward which is great.

Patrick Wu, Somatic Vice President:
Somatic is more than a name to us, it’s a brand that we can build on that will take us to a $10-million plus company.