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Regularly scheduled service appointments to your HVAC systems are a key measure to prevent costly failures down the road.

Points to Consider

  • Your equipment manufacturers recommend ?regular preventive maintenance? on all their equipment. Performing this maintenance protects your manufacturer?s warranty ? you risk invalidating your warranty otherwise.
  • Maintaining your equipment regularly guarantees that it will continue to function according to factory specifications. That saves you money in utility bills.
  • Safety is a major issue. On any appliance where there is a flame, it means that carbon monoxide is being produced as a bi-product of combustion. It is a colorless, odorless, deadly gas. Most jurisdictions now REQUIRE carbon monoxide detectors in many instances where combustion devices exist.
  • Maintaining your equipment regularly means that your equipment will last as long as it possibly can before it requires replacement. This is a major investment. Why would you not want to protect your investment?
  • Even if a machine is already working at spec, the proper time to begin a preventative maintenance program is when your machine is running well. You pick the time to service your machine. Consider the costs of production slowdowns and downtime, and the parts and labor expenses that may result. All of these can be reduced through programmed preventive maintenance. Take the necessary steps now and keep your machine up and running.


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